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Speaking Engagements

University of Washington Law School
Seattle, WA
November 2014

Keynote Speaker
35th Annual Convention of the North Carolina State Bar's Lawyers Assistance Program 
Wilmington, NC
November 2014

Washington State Bar Association CLE/Webinar

Seattle, WA
April 2014

Washington State Office of Public Defense Statewide Annual Training - CLE
Wenatchee, WA
October 2014

Perkins, Coie Commercial Litigation Group - CLE
Seattle, WA
ovember 2014

King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office - CLE
Seattle, WA
November 2014

High Point 
Bar Association CLE
High Point, NC
March 2014

Spokane Bar Association's Fundraising Dinner for the 
Spokane Therapeutic Courts Foundation
Spokane, Washington
April, 2015

Seattle Inn of Court - CLE
Seattle, WA
April 2015

Pierce County Inn of Court - CLE
Tacoma, WA
May 2016

NALS Conference
Olympia, WA
September 2016

Seattle University 
Law School
Seattle, WA
September 2017

U.S. Probation
STEP Training
Richland, WA
September 2017

Mother Attorneys Mentoring Association
Seattle, WA
March 2018

University of Washington School of Law - 
Student Health Law Organization
Seattle, WA
March 2018

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation 
Newberg, OR
August 2018


 Attorney at Law

 Bellevue, Washington

Public Speaking

• Addiction, Recovery and Mental Health 
  in the Legal Community

• Methamphetamine Addiction and


• Meth-Related Criminal Activity: Identity

  Theft and Bank Fraud


Few legal professionals have Wil Miller's depth and breadth of personal experience with methamphetamine. His own inspirational tale of recovery was the cover story for 425 Magazine's January 2019 edition, Northwest Lawyer Magazine's June 2014 edition, The North Carolina State Bar Journal's Fall 2014 edition, and 425 Business Magazine's December 2017 edition.  Wil's story was also featured on the Sound Effect radio program on KNKX 88.5 Seattle, and was the subject of a short documentary film called "Miller's Crossing" produced by Arc Media Studios.  [See media links to the left]. 

Wil is now a popular public speaker on issues related to meth and meth addiction.  His presentations combine useful information about the physical and psychological effects of meth, along with a rippingly honest retelling of his own personal struggle. 

During his years as a criminal defense attorney, Wil also represented many individuals accused of identity theft and bank fraud - crimes with a strong correlation to meth addiction.  Wil explains the link between the drug and these types of criminal behavior to help people understand what they can do in their everyday lives to better protect themselves from being victims. 

Over the past 14 years, Will has been a volunteer with the North Carolina State Bar's Lawyers Assistance Program serving as a mentor, monitor and recovery coach for other attorneys struggling with addiction.  He now also volunteers with the Washington State Bar's Lawyers Assistance Program in Seattle, where he provides continuing legal education for attorneys on issues related to addiction, recovery and mental health in the legal community.

Wil is available for public speaking engagements on a limited basis. Topics covered in a particular presentation can be tailored to the specific needs of the hiring organization.

If you need a lively, knowledgeable and entertaining presenter to speak about addiction, recovery and mental health in the legal community, or the many complex issues related to methamphetamine addiction and meth-related crime, call Wil for more information at (206) 999-6802.


Reviews from attendees at Wil Miller's
Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Presentation: 
Addiction, Recovery and Mental Health in the Legal Community"


"This presentation was absolutely riveting!!! The good news is that I'm sure Wil has helped countless numbers of people by openly sharing his story. The bad news is that every CLE I take in the future is going to seem completely dull in comparison to Wil's presentation."

"What an amazing story - very inspirational. Wil obviously has a talent for public speaking, but to be able to relay such a personal story with such an important message is truly remarkable."

"This speaker must be a terrific trial lawyer. When he finished his presentation I was standing in my office clapping in front of the computer, until I realized that there was no way he could know how enthusiastically I appreciated the information he shared." 

"This was probably one of the best presentations I have ever heard, and I am so grateful that Mr. Miller was willing to share his redemptive story."

"Fantastic presentation. Great story teller. Simply captivating. Thank you for pouring yourself out for us in such an open way."


"The most interesting and engaging CLE presentation I have seen in the last 5 years."

"Fantastic speaker. Content is relevant for every attorney, whether a substance abuser or not. We can all benefit from increased empathy and understanding for our colleagues and clients struggling with addiction. This should be offered annually."

"Miller was extraordinary. He is an extraordinary speaker and is to be commended for his great courage. Thanks to the WSBA for sponsoring his presentation."

"A truly amazing story of a comeback against terrible odds."

"Extremely lucid presentation with 100% credibility." 

"Douglas Wilson "Wil" Miller is an incredibly engaging speaker! His story is worth sharing with so many people -- addicts, attorneys, and really anybody!"

"He was a fantastic speaker and very engaging. I was impressed at his forthright honesty and willingness to share his story in a way that calls attention to real problems facing lawyers. His talk was so well done that a non-lawyer colleague passing through my office stopped and watched the entire presentation with me."

"One of the best CLE presentations I have ever heard. I hope all lawyers, judges and law students get to hear Mr. Miller's presentation at some point. I really appreciate him sharing his story with us."

"This was one of the best prepared and executed, and most helpful presentations I have ever seen. The candidness, depth, and hopefulness of the presentation reflected the reality of the legal profession in a way that I think should be replicated more frequently. We need to understand, as a profession, that intelligent and respectable colleagues struggle with these issues - it is not just a problem that our clients have. I think taking about the issue as real and present is the first step to combating it."

"I was SO moved by this attorney’s presentation. He is an amazing speaker. I not only took away lessons about how to practice law, I took away life lessons! Thank you!"

"Very compelling speaker. I learned a lot about how meth affects the brain, which was helpful to me in understanding the danger of it."

"One of the most interesting and engaging speakers I've encountered."

"Wil Miller was simply outstanding! Thank you for this presentation."

"I thought this guy was terrific. He was clear, pointed, articulate and had a great story to tell, which he delivered magnificently."

Call (206) 999-6802