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Family Law Litigation

For a variety of reasons, a significant number of family law cases can only be resolved through traditional Family Law Litigation where a Judge or Family Law Commissioner decides the results in your case.  Though most cases are settled short of a trial at mediation, unless your attorney has a reputation for going to court and winning, you won’t have a lot of leverage when you mediate.  

It’s important when hiring a family law litigator that you hire someone with a lot of trial experience and an established reputation for being a tenacious, zealous, and effective advocate. 

Ask around.  Wil is that attorney.

Wil Miller is an award-winning Family Law Litigator in Lower Queen Anne, Seattle.  If it turns out your case needs to be litigated, schedule a litigation consultation with Wil today.

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Wil Miller Attorney at Law PLLC

Douglas Wilson “Wil” Miller – Principal

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